Why Choose Mainsail?

What We Stand For

  • Passion: We have boundless enthusiasm and love for our work.
  • Commitment: We have emotional and intellectual commitment to personal growth which brings a mindset of innovation and dedication to all of our client relationships.
  • Trust: Our major focus is to always do what is right for the client. Following this philosophy, we value and reward behaviors in our practice that result in the highest level of integrity.
  • Value: We seek first to understand each client's individual story and needs fully aware from the first interview and throughout the relationship that we play a vital role in our client's financial success.

Who we are

  • We are a multi-generational team able to serve and advise all members of your family.
  • We have the flexibility to manage our clients accounts with discretion, building and maintaining a portfolio using a diverse selection of investments.
  • Our customized planning is based on all facets of a client's life.
  • We have an established process to provide consistent monitoring and enhancement of all client accounts.
  • Striving to deliver quality service to you is the foundation of all of our planning, implementation and education.
  • Transparency. We are straight forward with our clients about the costs of working with our team. We are also honest with our clients about what goals are realistic and attainable.
  • We work with your other trusted professional service providers, such as attorneys and CPAs, to understand your overall personal situation.
  • Working with our clients, we agree on a meeting schedule that suits THEIR needs. Our team is committed to maintaining that schedule while staying flexible to meet with our clients as their needs arise.
  • We are privileged to have relationships with our clients that last for generations. Our relationships with our clients grow well beyond the Advisor -Client relationship. We become lifelong friends.